Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally Even If You Are Not A Diabetic

Control Your Blood Sugar Levels, Even though You’re Non-diabetic

Because you do not have diabetes or have a risk of developing it, you do not think to control your blood sugar levels that much. But, you should have control of your blood sugar levels. Everyone with no diabetes or not even at a risk still can enjoy any food. According to research findings, a rapid rise in blood sugar levels may develop the risk of heart attack and stroke. Even non-diabetics should consider this because it is important to consider some factors that may influence blood glucose levels.

Foods that elevate your blood glucose level

Foods with high sugar content and low fiber content are more likely to cause your blood sugar levels to rise

Example: Cakes and bakery items, chocolates, sugary drinks, desserts

Although some foods that have a healthy appearance can cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Examples include sugary yogurts and smoothies. The reason behind that is food producers add sugar to increase its taste and enhance the shelf life.

Foods that keep your blood sugar levels under control

Foods that have high fiber content and low added sugar content, help to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Example: Whole grain, most vegetables, green leaves, Fruits (before fully ripe)

Regular eating without skipping meals is an important fact. Some people avoid eating the main three meals and try to maintain their body weight. But it affects badly with the blood glucose control in the body because the human body has its own mechanism to maintain the blood glucose level. Another important point is adding extra- lean proteins and healthy fats to the diet. It may help to keep you satisfied because proteins and fats spent more time in the stomach. The reason behind that is they need more time for the digestion compared to carbohydrates inside the stomach.

How to control blood sugar level naturally

As well as having a healthy diet, there are some other steps to maintain your blood glucose level. It is about being active. For that, it is not necessary to go to a gym but, you can be physically active. If you are following a sedentary lifestyle, it may be beneficial and a simple step, you can stand and walk around for five minutes. It may relax you as well, rather than sitting in front of a desk more than or nearly eight hours per day.

At the end of the day, you can have a nice walk before or after dinner. It is simple, easy and beneficial to maintain right blood sugar levels.

Indeed, regular exercise also aids in this task. It helps to improve insulin sensitivity. (insulin is the responsible hormone in our body, that facilitate glucose take up into the cells, then cells use glucose for the energy production). If you are engaging with regular exercises, it should be done in a technical manner, at least 20 minutes per day for five days per week.

Try to maintain a good Body Mass Index (BMI)

Keeping a healthy body weight is also important to keep your blood sugar levels in the range. Overweight or obese people are having trouble with insulin sensitivity. According to a recent study supported by the National Institutes of Health found that a 7 percent weight loss can reduce the odds of developing diabetes by 58 percent.

If you don’t eat your food as medicine, you will have to eat medicine as food in the future

So, as the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, early precautions will not allow you to suffer in the future.

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Dewni Jayasuriya

Dewni Jayasuriya is a Nutritionist. She holds a Special degree, Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition from the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. She is interested in dietary counseling, diet planning and is continually on the lookout for trends in modern Food Science and Technology.

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