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3 Simple Steps to Getting Rid of Acne for Sri Lankan Women

Getting rid of acne for Sri Lankan women can’t get any worse. With the dust pollution and humidity, acne has become an everyday struggle for most women.

How do you really overcome this? How can you have the smooth skin that your colleague envies?

We know, battling acne is hard. Nothing works. Anything that works is expensive or out of reach.

But what could be hard than following the basics? And keeping it simple?

We have three simple tips to share with you on how to take care of your skin for those who are struggling with acne. We hope that it helps.

3 Simple Tips To Getting Rid Of Acne

1. Be hygienic!

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There isn’t anything harder than being hygienic for Sri Lankan women. That short walk to buy lunch during office hours could be a disaster.

Nevertheless, cleaning your face twice during the day is important, gently flush your face with water so that the acne-causing bacterias can be removed – a mild cleanser and scrubbing would help.

When I say scrubbing it isn’t “scrubbing” – “scrubbing”. We, Sri Lankans, are the masters of overdoing. So, do not over scrub your face when washing.

You could use astringents. But, astringents are not always recommended unless you have very oily skin that definitely needs some astringent lotion. Astringents strictly must be applied only on oily spots.

2. Refrain from touching your face

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Touching the face is always a NO-NO!. The age-old advice that no Sri Lankan teen follows, just like any other advice we refuse to follow as a teenager (huh!?).

That satisfaction that you receive from popping a pimple is great – but makes the condition of your skin worse every day leaving permanent scars on your cheeks. Picking and pinching the acne will only worsen the condition.

If you really need to touch your face, use a ball of cotton.

3. Choose cosmetics carefully

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Your foundation, blush, moisturizers, and eye shadows should be oil-free to avoid the onset development of acne.

Not only your skincare products, avoid using oily hair products as well which may cause closed comedones affecting your skincare routine – “non-comedogenic” products are available in the market (expensive though!).

All of us Sri Lankan want a clear and smooth skin free of pimples. We want to feel confident. We want to do more than watching our faces in the mirror.

Take the right precautions, develop healthy habits, and be hygienic – you can always overcome acne.

If you found the above tips to be helpful, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Also, if you have any other great tips for getting rid of acne for Sri Lankan women, you can share it in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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