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8 Must Know Health Benefits of Sri Lankan Spices

Health benefits of Sri Lankan spices are well known around all around the world. Spices are substances originated from plants that make your meals special every day. Without spices, foods are dull and not palatable. Spices add a fragrance, color, and a flavor to foods to increase their own quality.

The important thing is, you must use them in correct amounts or else they will give a terrible taste. Sri Lanka is well-known all around the world as a super spice maker. There are plenty of pepper(gammiris), cinnamon(kurundu), cardamom(enasaal), turmeric(kaha), clove(karabunati), nutmeg(sadikka) and mace(wasawasi), ginger(inguru) in Sri Lanka.

Health Benefits of Sri Lankan Spices:

1. Cinnamon (kurundu)

Cinnamon is a plant endemic to Sri Lanka and cinnamon trade has a very long history since 2000BC. It obtains by shaving the inner bark of the cinnamon plant. When it comes to health benefits of cinnamon you can have it as a powerful compound that can control the blood sugar levels and reducing harmful cholesterols and triglycerides.

Recent research studies reveal that cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon is the responsible compound for that. It is also identified as beneficial for the prevention of bacterial and fungal infections of the digestive system and protects from diseases. You can use Cinnamon as pieces or powder and cinnamon oil, extracted from the leaf as a disinfectant and an air purifier.

2. Pepper (gammiris)

Pepper is the “King of spices” and it is the most commonly traded spice in the world. It has anti-inflammatory properties and pain-relieving abilities. Sri Lankan pepper is a rich source of essential minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B- complex, anti-oxidants such as vitamin A and Vitamin C which protects the body from cancers and other diseases.

In addition to that pepper stimulates the taste buds and improve digestion. It is commonly used as a medication for stomach upsets, skin diseases, the formation of intestinal gas and promote urination also.

3. Cardamom (enasal)

Cardamom is called as the “Queen of spices” and it has its own strong aromatic flavor and aroma. It is a natural digestive enhancer that prevents the fullness and abdominal bloating.

The Cardamom spice promotes your dental health by removing bad bacteria that make a bad breath and dental caries. In addition to that, Cardamom has a blend of minerals and helps to keep the electrolyte balance in your body. Also, cardamom supports weight loss and diabetes.

4. Turmeric (kaha)

Turmeric is a spice with an orangish-yellow color. It gives a yellowish appearance and a flavor to the food. One of the most well-known applications of turmeric is using as an anti-inflammatory agent and easing the pain in arthritis, gout and muscle pains. It is also a natural immune booster and protects your body.

When it comes to skin health, antioxidants in turmeric helps to keep your skin without wrinkles, pimples or pigments. So, turmeric is commonly used in the cosmetic industry. Apart from that turmeric helps to detoxify your body, manage diabetes and fight with cancer cells as well.

5. Clove (Karabu nati)

Clove is a type of a fully-grown flower bud picked before they bloom and then dried. It has its own fragrance and an aroma. A most popular benefit of clove is using as a remedy for toothaches and oral diseases. Furthermore,  Clove contains a high number of antioxidants that helps to promote immune system activities like protecting from various diseases.

6 & 7. Nutmeg and mace (Sadikka, Wasawasi)

Nutmeg is the seed and mace is the net-like cover around the seed. Both are used as flavoring agents in cooking. It is also beneficial for your health that relieves pain, improving cognitive functions, helps in blood circulation and for skin health.

Even though nutmeg and mace both derived from the same fruit, they are considered as two different spices. Mace has an intense aroma than nutmeg. Taste is also spicier than nutmeg. Mace is rich in vitamin C, A, Calcium, iron and having several health benefits as anti-fungal properties and relieving pain in muscles and joints.

8. Ginger (Inguru)

Ginger is easily grown in Sri Lanka that is popular for centuries due to its own aroma and flavor. Sri Lankan Ginger is very popular as a home remedy among Sri Lankans as a medicine for stomach upsets. It aids in the digestion of foods. It is best for the immune system and respiratory system also.

A number of studies have revealed that it cures cancers like ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. It can lower the bad cholesterol levels and help to regulate the blood pressure.

There are some other spices in Sri Lanka and these are the main. As well as they are food flavoring and tasting agents, they have a value beyond that. The health benefits of Sri Lankan spices enables us to call them “Functional ingredients”. They cannot be consumed alone due to their intense nature, but we can use them by combining with foods. Indeed, a very small amount of spices are having unbelievable benefits. Thus, keep in mind to add them daily….

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