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All About Blood Donation In Sri Lanka

Blood Donation in Sri Lanka

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14 globally. Sri Lanka was the host country to mark World Blood Donor Day in 2014. This was also claimed to be South Asia’s largest blood drive. Blood donation in Sri Lanka has become one of the common voluntary campaigns in recent years.

This day is celebrated to create and spread awareness about the benefits of blood donation, and to thank those who voluntarily donate their blood.

Blood Donor Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Karl Landsteiner. He was the Austrian physician who separated blood groups for the first time. In fact, Landsteiner’s discovery led to the first instances of safe blood transfusions.

Blood donation is a voluntary process. It can save millions of lives and help people with certain diseases to live longer as well. Blood donation can save accident victims, cancer patients, and even pregnant women.

Who Can Donate Blood?

Anyone who is willing to donate blood must meet the following requirements:

  • The acceptable age for donation should be between 18-60 years with a minimum weight of 50Kg
  • If previously donated, at least 4 months should be elapsed since the date of the previous donation.
  • Hemoglobin level should be more than 12g/dL. (this blood test is done prior to each blood donation)
  • Free from any serious disease condition or pregnancy.
  • Should have a valid identity card or any other document to prove the identity.
  • Free from “Risk Behaviors”.

Keep your blood sugar and blood pressure levels in check:

Risk Behaviors as described in the National Blood Transfusion Service official website:

  • Sex workers and their clients.
  • Drug addicts.
  • Engaging in sex with any of the above.
  • Having more than one sexual partner

Upon meeting the above requirements, donors can donate up to 350 milliliters (ml) of blood.

Why Should I Donate Blood? – The Benefits of Donating Blood:

  1. Every blood donor is first put through a range of tests that are necessary to ascertain the quality of blood. Thus, a blood donor gets a complete blood test done, free of charge. As a result, this makes it easier for doctors to detect early symptoms of diseases in regular donors.
  2. The body tries to replenish the number of blood cells lost during donation. This results in faster creation of new blood cells which revitalizes organs.
  3. Donating a pint of blood burns calories, as well as prompts the body into converting stored fat to energy.
  4. The body also tries to minimize further blood loss by healing wounds faster.
  5. Blood donation helps in also providing a sense of psychological well-being

Please beware of the fact that donating blood can lead to some side effects such as fatigue and Anaemia.

Tips to minimize the side effects of the blood donation process:

  1. The donor should eat regularly before donating to keep the blood sugar levels stable.
  2. Foods that are high in fat should be skipped since they can interfere with the blood testing process, rendering the blood unusable.
  3. It is also important to drink around 500 ml of water immediately before the donation. This will prevent drop-in blood pressure during donation and thus avoiding getting unconscious or dizzy.
  4. Alcohol should be avoided at least 24 hours before giving blood since it produces dehydration.
  5. It is necessary to avoid vigorous exercises before and after donating blood.
  6. Resting the body helps to replenish the fluids that are lost during donation.

Where Can I Donate Blood in Sri Lanka?

National Blood Transfusion Serving in Sri Lanka consists of 96 blood banks across the island. National Blood Center at Elvitigala Mawatha Narahenpita is the operational headquarters.

You can donate blood at the National Blood Center in Narahenpita, during any of the 365 days of the year between the times of 8 AM to 6 PM. On the other hand, at hospital-based blood banks, donors can make their donations between the times of 8 AM to 4 PM.

Referring to blood donation in Sri Lanka, the most wanted blood types are A-, B-, O- and AB-. The negative blood type donors are less compared to the positive types per Dr. Deepa Saranajeewa, The Deputy Director of National Blood Transfusion Service.

How to Contact the National Blood Center in Sri Lanka?

Telephone: +94112369931-4


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Below is the list of cluster centers and blood bank contact numbers across Sri Lanka:

Cluster Blood Bank TP NUMBER
Ampara Akkaraipattu 067 2277213
Ampara Ampara 063 2222261
Ampara Dehiatthakandiya 027 2250344
Ampara Kalmunai AM(S) 067 2222261
Ampara Kalmunai Base(N) 067 2229261
Ampara Mahaoya 063 2244061
Ampara Sammanthurai 067 2260261
Anuradhapura Anuradhapura 025 2222261-63
Anuradhapura Medirigiriya 027 2248261
Anuradhapura Padaviya 025 2253261
Anuradhapura Polonnaruwa 027 2222261
Anuradhapura Thambuttegama 025 2276262
Badulla Badulla 055 2222261-62
Badulla Bibila 055 2265461
Badulla Diyatalawa 057 2229061
Badulla Mahiyanganaya 055 2257261
Badulla Monaragala 055 2276261
Badulla Welimada 057 2245161
Badulla Wellawaya 055 2274861
Batticoloa Batticaloa 065 2222261-62
Batticoloa Valachchenai 065 2257721
CIM Avissawella 036 2222261-62
CIM CIM 011 2850252-53
CIM Homagama 011 2855200
CIM Karawenella 036 2267374
CNTH Chilaw 032 2222261
CNTH CNTH 011 2959261-65
CNTH Gampaha 033 2222261-62
CNTH Kalpitiya* 032 2260261
CNTH Marawila 032 2254261
CNTH Negambo 033 2222261-62
CNTH Puttalam 032 2265261
CNTH Wathupitiwala 033 2280261-62
CNTH Welisara 011 2958271
021 2222261
Jaffna Killinochchi 021 2285327
Jaffna Mullaitivu 024 3248436
Jaffna Point Pedro 021 226 3261
Jaffna Thellippallai 021 321 2614
Kalutara Horana 034 2261261
Kalutara Kalutara 034 2229129
Kalutara Kethumathie 038 2232361
Kalutara Panadura 038 2232261-62
Kamburugamuwa Hambanthota 047 2222016
Kamburugamuwa Kamburugamuwa 0412227232
Kamburugamuwa Kamburupitiya 041 2292261
Kamburugamuwa Matara 041 2222261-63
Kamburugamuwa Tangalle 047 2240261
Kamburugamuwa Thissamaharama 047 2237261
Kandy Dambulla 066 2284761
Kandy Dikkoya 051 2230261
Kandy Gampola 081 2352261
Kandy Kandy 081 2233337-42
Kandy Kegalle 035 2222261-63
Kandy Matale 066 2222261
Kandy Mawanella 035 2246278
Kandy Nawalapitiya 054 2222261
Kandy NuwaraEliya 052 2222261
Kandy Peradeniya 081 2388001-07
Kandy Rikillagaskada 081 2365261
Kandy Warakapola 035 2267261
Karapitiya Balapitiya 091 2258261
Karapitiya Elpitiya 091 2291981
Karapitiya Karapitiya 091 2232176
Karapitiya Mahamodara 091 2222261
Kurunegala Dambadeniya 037 2266592
Kurunegala Kuliyapitiya 037 2281261
Kurunegala Kurunegala 037 2222261-63
Kurunegala Nikaweratiya 037 2260261
NBC Accident Serv. 011 2691111
NBC CSHW 011 2695529
NBC CSTH 011 2764069
NBC DMH 011 2696224-26
NBC IDH – Angoda 011 2411284
NBC LRH 011 2693711-13
NBC Mulleriyawa 011 2578226
NBC NBC 011 2368070
NBC NHSL 011 2691111
NBC SJGH – Kotte 011 2778610-12
Rathnapura Balangoda 045 2287261
Rathnapura Embilipitiya 047 2230261
Rathnapura Kahawatta 045 2270261
Rathnapura Rathnapura 045 2222261-66
Trincomalee Kantale 026 2234261
Trincomalee Kinniya 0262234546
Trincomalee Muthur 0262238261
Trincomalee Trincomalee 0262222261
Vavuniya Chettikulam 024 2260903
Vavuniya Mannar 023 2222261
Vavuniya Vavuniya 024 2222761


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