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Swadeshi Khomba Baby joins forces with UNICEF’s

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Eighty-year-old Sri Lankan herbal baby care brand Swadeshi Khomba Baby brand has formally joined forces with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to ensure that parents across Sri Lanka will have access to the information they need to support their child’s development, and give them the best possible start in life, through the platform. is an online platform developed by UNICEF that provides parents and caregivers in Sri Lanka with expert information, facts, and tips on early child care and development practices for children. This includes child care, children’s development, food and nutrition, and health. Parents have free access to a regularly updated resource bank of articles, videos and animation from global and local experts, available in English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

A formal four-year sponsorship deal signed Tuesday (18) in Colombo will see Swadeshi Khomba Baby brand support, including appearing on the platform. Funding from this tie-up will support UNICEF’s early childhood development (ECD) work in Sri Lanka especially in increasing awareness and providing information to parents and caregivers.

Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC Chairperson Amari Wijewardene commented, “We are honored to work with UNICEF to support parents in Sri Lanka in giving their children the best start in life, and by installing the values and skills that will set them up for success. At Swadeshi, we believe that good values for our children are vital, and we have identified 12 ‘Hoda Purudu’ from our rich Sri Lankan culture that we believe are especially important for children, and the country. We look forward to helping parents now through and helping to build a generation of good citizens for the future of Sri Lanka from the earliest age.”

UNICEF Sri Lanka Representative Tim Sutton said: “Parents and caregivers are the most important people in a young child’s life. In those critical first years, parents can help to build the foundations for future success and happiness by ensuring that their child eats well, is loved and cared for, is safe and secure and has quality early learning opportunities.

But to do this, parents need the right information. provides this expert information. UNICEF is honored to welcome Swadeshi Khomba Baby brand on board for the next four years to support this goal. Their support will ensure that even more parents, from across Sri Lanka can access and use this information, give their children the best start in life.”

As part of Swadeshi’s commitment to building a generation of good citizens for Sri Lanka, the company has designed an attractive child-friendly ‘Swadeshi Khomba Baby ‘Hoda Purudu’ book, that encourages 12 values such as protecting the environment, love and care for animals, eating a healthy balanced diet, and caring for the elderly.

Swadeshi has a rich tradition of supporting communities living in Sri Lanka. Recently, Swadeshi Chairperson Amari Wijewardene was selected as ‘Role Model Business Women of Sri Lanka 2019’; the Deputy Chairperson/Managing Director Chulodhara Samarasinghe won a similar award as the ‘Outstanding Business Woman in the year 2016’.

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